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Diversity Strategy Information Exchange

Research shows that diverse and inclusive companies have superior profitability, innovation, problem-solving ability, and resilience. Yet, creating effective inclusive recruiting practices that successfully bring in diverse hires requires strategic, innovative, and data-driven decision-making. To address this need, we created DSIX to uniquely deliver diversity recruiting leaders the right balance of actionable solutions, forward-looking insights, and professional growth for their role.

“There is no such thing as a bachelor’s degree in Diversity Recruitment or generally accepted diversity recruiting principles. Instead, we learn our craft from hands-on recruiting experience, sharing with our peers, and those great recruiters that have come before us.  Prospering in Diversity Recruiting is never done alone, but on the backs of networks, as I have found with DSIX.”

- Jenny, Director Executive Recruiting & Diversity Recruitment, Retail Industry

The Benefits of DSIX Membership


Community Connection

Join monthly online Connects with agendas based on member-requested topics to provide timely input on their current areas of focus. Quarterly, meetings are extended to discuss specific topics that require more in-depth conversation. In-room meetings are held twice yearly.

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Mentorship Programs

Participate in DSIX Project Teams or nominate members of your team to join and expand their diversity recruiting knowledge. Build competencies and skills along with other industry leaders while you advance diversity recruiting outcomes.

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Market Benchmarking

Receive an annual report covering a broad set of metrics for comparing and evaluating your organization’s diversity recruiting practices including diversity recruiting people resourcing and program budgets; ROI performance metrics for events and other tactics; technology usage and satisfaction; and more!

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Access to Guest Speakers

Invite your team to join you for member-only discussions with experts from industry, academia, and member-recommended solution providers to help you stay on the cutting edge of recruiting practices and trends to gain competitive advantage.

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Tools and Technology

Tap onto member discussions about the latest diversity recruiting tools and technology, use-case demos, and insight into other companies’ assessments and advice to optimize your diversity talent sourcing methods, candidate experience, and talent intelligence.

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Diversity Recruiting Training

Access recruiter training through IX Academy. All content is developed by our IX Communities experts with over 25 years of talent acquisition experience. The resources provide a mix of strategic, practical, and proven recruiting methods.

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ExecSmart Database

Utilize ExecSmart, our proprietary global database of search consultants. Information about search consultants is based on over 25 years of research and includes input from hundreds of corporate users. The database also includes guidelines for engaging search consultants.

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Diversity Recruiting Books

Acquire comprehensive guidebooks that offer practical solutions for talent leaders who want to uplevel their teams through effective recruiting practices. These standalone resources also serve as the companion guides to our IX Academy training classes.