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Best-in-class talent acquisition resources equip your team with the specialized knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to identify, attract, and secure the top talent that contributes to the company's long-term success and growth.  Recruiters working within corporations play a pivotal role in sourcing and selecting top-tier talent to drive organizational success, so it's important for them to have current resources to draw upon in the constantly evolving recruiting landscape.

Our books can serve as standalone resources or companion readers to our

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Codys book

The Diversity Recruiting Blueprint

As the head of diversity recruiting or talent acquisition, you know that having a diverse workforce is essential. However, creating an effective strategy can be challenging. This book aims to equip you with the tools and techniques needed to build a successful diversity recruiting strategy that delivers results.

It also takes a data-driven approach to diversity hiring, teaching you how to set achievable goals, track your progress, and measure your impact. You'll also gain insights into the latest trends and best practices in diversity recruiting and learn how to apply them to your organization.

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Achieve success with your diversity and inclusion hiring and growth.
  • Create frameworks to support diversity recruiting efforts.
  • Discuss what diversity means and how it impacts talent pipelines.
  • Gain insight into coaching and consulting with stakeholders on DEI hiring efforts.
  • Prioritize resources and commitments.

Whether you're starting your diversity recruiting journey or looking to optimize your existing strategy, this is a must-read for talent leaders who want to make a meaningful difference. Within the pages of this book, you'll be able to overcome roadblocks and unlock the secrets to successful diversity and inclusion recruiting and hiring.


Leadership Recruiting, Consulting Skills for Recruiters

Great recruiting skills are essentially the same—regardless of region, industry, or what side of the table you sit on. And great recruiting skills are always a journey, never a destination.

So how can you hone your skills with intention, so that your day-to-day behaviors distinguish you as a trusted advisor? With Leadership Recruiting: Consulting Skills for Recruiters.

For the first time, recruiters can get practical development from industry veterans. Leadership Recruiting: Consulting Skills for Recruiters, by IX Communities CEO Simon Mullins and N2Growth CEO Kelli Vukelic, features the training and tools you need from the “3 Ds” to the proper use of data, six “lightbulb” questions, managing common derailers, the art of empathetic listening, and much more. Mullins and Vukelic understand that recruiting the right leaders at the right time isn’t just your job, it’s your competitive advantage—so get their distilled advice so you can operate at your highest level.


Leadership Recruiting, Strategy, Tactics and Tools for Hiring Organizations 

In business, recruiting the right leaders at the right time is the competitive advantage. Leadership Recruiting is the first authoritative guide to doing so, every step of the way, for rapidly growing small companies to Global 100 conglomerates. What once was unmanaged, or managed by instinct, can now be driven by 25 years of research with many of the world’s leading organizations.

All executives can benefit, as candidates for new positions, as managers responsible for hiring senior executives, or as executive recruiters charged with managing the hiring process. Authors Simon Mullins, IX Communities CEO, and David Lord, Executive Search Information Exchange (ESIX) Founder, deliver what works before and after a decision to find the right person to address a management need.

Leadership Recruiting takes the hiring organization’s view, independent of the interests of executive search and consulting firms but with a full appreciation of how and when to engage consultants and how to build an in-house capability, so central to any company’s future. It’s a business-school course in 182 pages, indispensable for hiring managers and HR executives. In fact, through this book any aspiring business leader can learn the inside scoop on how this sometimes-mysterious, all-important activity works – or at least should work!

What our readers are saying:

"Vukelic’s and Mullins’ collective decades of experience in executive leadership, development, and recruiting shine through in this book. Whether you’re a novice or senior recruiter, working with large and mature organizations or fledgling startups, recruiting seasoned executives or new graduates - this book will serve as a roadmap for continuing to develop your skills as a consultant, problem solver, team leader, and ultimately, a trusted advisor to your clients. The content goes beyond advice for surface-level recruiting skills, and provides incisive commentary and recommendations on deeper topics including empathy, emotional intelligence, trust, and purpose. While recruiters and their work are placed at the center of this book, I’d also recommend it to anyone, recruiter or otherwise, who is searching for insight into developing talent and cultivating more profound and trusting professional relationships."

-Amazon buyer


"Recruiting for leadership roles is probably the most important action most organizations ever take, and they are often flying blind. Simon Mullins and David Lord, two of the world's experts on this topic, offer real insights as well as a practical guide to running the leadership recruiting process."

-Peter Cappelli, Professor of Management, The Wharton School

"With The Diversity Recruiting Blueprint, you'll gain the practical balance between the importance of systems and structure with the power of hearts and minds" 

-Craig Campbell, Talent Acquisition Officer


"A clear and concise read detailing the components of and the reasons for DEI.  A roadmap for a solid DEI talent hiring journey."

-Ben Saba-Hasan, Former SVP and Chief Culture & Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, Walmart

About the Authors


Cody Horton

Cody leads and facilitates our DSIX community. Cody is an accomplished diversity recruiting leader, author, speaker, and coach. He founded and led Diverse Recruiting Experts before its acquisition in 2022.

Prior to founding his company, Cody accumulated over 20 years of leadership experience in the US Navy, Walmart, Microsoft, and Dell, serving as Head of Talent Acquisition and Diversity Recruiting and attracting talent to build inclusive workforces. As a leader in the Navy, he directed teams in recruiting, operations, and training. Cody holds a master’s degree in management and maintains his SPHR. He serves on talent-focused boards and is the author of The Diversity Recruiting Blueprint.

Simon Bio Photo

Simon Mullins

Simon has been a recruiter and recruiting leader for almost his entire career. He has lived and worked in Europe, Asia, and the US (on both coasts), for startups as an executive recruiter at Korn Ferry, and as a leader at a Fortune 50 company.

In 2004, Simon joined Microsoft’s Executive Recruiting Team, which he led from 2006 to 2012, eventually becoming Senior Director of the company. The team was responsible for all external hiring of the company’s most impactful executives, including board directors.

Simon was an Executive Search Information Exchange (ESIX) Advisory Board member from 2007 to 2012. As of 2014, Simon now leads and facilitates the group. He has since expanded the business to include communities for the leaders of Talent Acquisition (TLIX), Diversity Recruiting (DSIX), and HR & Finance (HFIX).

Simon is the co-author of a series of books including LEADERSHIP RECRUITING: Strategy, Tactics, and Tools for Hiring Organizations and LEADERSHIP RECRUITING: Consulting Skills for Recruiters. Simon is a course designer and instructor for the Executive Recruiting Specialization at the University of Washington in Seattle, and frequently speaks at industry forums and in the media.

He holds an honors degree in economics and public administration from the University of London.


Kelli Vukelic

Kelli is the Chief Executive Officer of N2Growth where she oversees the firms’ executive search and advisory services globally. N2Growth operates in 50 markets across The Americas, EMEA, and APAC. N2Growth has long been regarded by Forbes as a Top 15 executive search firm.

Kelli is an industry veteran with over 24 years in executive search, melding strategy with executive search, leadership development, and organizational psychology. Prior to N2Growth, Kelli held roles of increasing responsibility at Korn Ferry over her 20-year tenure, culminating in an executive leadership role in the firm’s global technology practice. 

David Lord

David Lord

In 1995, David formed Executive Search Information Services (ESIX) in response to requests from corporations for better information about executive recruiters and best practices in working with them. Over the next 20 years, he helped more than 100 Fortune 500 corporations improve executive search effectiveness.

In 1996, David created ESIX, a research and discussion group for heads of executive recruiting from leading corporations. Later, he founded the Executive Search Academy, a two-day course in best practices for corporate executive recruiting professionals.

David has served as a moderator, panelist, and presenter at executive search industry conferences worldwide.